Making the Most of Freelancing Platforms to Find Work

Making the Most of Freelance Platforms to Find Work

What’s great about today’s digital world is that freelancers can work from anywhere in the world with anyone, no matter where they’re based, and freelance platforms help to do just that.

Three great ways to maximize today’s freelance platforms are:

1. Understand the Difference Among Platforms

You may already be seeking work on popular platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or as these are some of the larger freelance marketplaces, but because they are home to millions of freelancers, the competition is tighter. 

If you want to stand out on these sites, you’re going to need to work extremely hard to get noticed. Instead, consider joining moderately-sized freelance marketplaces that focus on your niche. 

Chances are, you’ll receive more attention on these types of platforms.

2. Select your platform carefully.

Do your homework and research! Connect with your network and ask a range of people who have been working with the platform so you can get a bigger picture. 

Also, ask yourself if you want to work with a platform that requires you to be more independent, or if you want to work with a platform that acts as a community in which others can help you, and in return, you bring your ideas and help others.

3. Help the Platform Work for You

Build a network and a reputation outside of the platform where those who are seeking freelancers on the platform will know who you are. Be clear and transparent about what you offer.

Do you own freelance skills that are in demand? Promote all of the skills you own so that prospects don’t miss anything when looking at your profile. 

You should also consider "hunting in packs". 

This means working with other freelancers who are interested in finding work together. 

You never know where your next gig might come from.