How to Succeed as a Freelancer Even During a Pandemic

How to Succeed as a Freelancer Even During a Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many freelancers have experienced hardships and setbacks. Given that there are approximately 1.1 billion freelancers in the world, the competition for work, especially during the current crisis, is extremely high.

So, what can you do to hold on?

Freelance in Areas That Pay Well

Unfortunately, not all freelance incomes are equal and depending on the field you specialize in, you may want to reconsider learning new skills that pay more. For example, if you currently freelance in the areas of hospitality or events, you are probably finding it tough to earn income as the pandemic caused these areas to mostly shut down.

Consider making the transition to another area of work, one that can offer a more attractive salary. Freelance work in areas such as consulting, web development, coding, and graphic design are all in very high demand for 2021 and beyond.

Be More Creative

Think about additional ways to create more opportunities by rethinking how you’ve defined your area of expertise. Instead of searching for short-term gigs, try looking for long-term gigs which will eventually leave you more financially satisfied. For example, if you’re an HR consultant, consider the possibility of regular part-time work.

Use the Right Platforms

There is a lot of freelance platforms out there, some are focused on specific areas like software development, and some target a more general audience of freelancers. Are you on the platforms that offer broader gigs or on the ones that focus solely on your niche?

Take Advantage of Your Network

Don’t underestimate your freelance network. It can be a great source of new opportunities. Reach out to existing clients, join groups on social media and connect with fellow freelancers who may be able to connect you with clients seeking your skills and do the same for them. You’ll be surprised at how much your own generosity can help you in the long term.

Learn New Skills During Free Time

Use your downtime to enhance your current skills or learn new ones. Don’t just focus on what you already know how to do. Instead, focus on new areas that can offer you even more opportunities. Add new skills to your resume that could potentially attract more clients and a higher salary.

Final Thoughts.

More and more jobs are being outsourced to freelancers due to the growing popularity of remote work, and so-called "9-to-5" employment is gradually disappearing. Now that the freelancing revolution has arrived, are you prepared to embrace it and create the independent career you've always wanted?

Aspiring freelancers should keep an eye on freelancing trends in order to position themselves properly when looking for work opportunities. How well you market your skills and availability to potential clients and businesses will determine your level of success as a freelancer.