How to write a killer proposal on Upwork as a newbie

 How to write a killer proposal on Upwork as a newbie

Upwork is a wonderful site for anybody looking to increase their income or find a part-time job. But first, you must get some clients. And the "proposal" or "cover letter" is an important part of it.  As a result, you'll need to devote some time to composing it.

How to write a killer proposal on Upwork as a newbie.

Here are a few tips which will help you to write a good proposal on Upwork. I've implemented these things myself and have seen a huge positive change.

Pay attention to the beginning.

The fact that you've read the job advertisement must be reflected in the opening sentence of your proposal. This is even more important than your name.

Many freelancers begin their proposals by saying, "Hello, my name is Baraka." "My name is." Your name, on the other hand, is already accessible on your profile, and disclosing this information is boring and repetitive.

Starting your proposal with "Hello, I just read your job advertisement and you seek a candidate with the ability to _____," is a better approach.

Keep it brief. 

Freelancers begin by writing lengthy and comprehensive proposals. They make a great effort to include everything. The fact is that lengthy proposals do not persuade anyone. No one has time to read everything, thus large blocks of information are quickly ignored. As a result, keep it as brief and clear as possible.

Include your samples at the very beginning.

Clients are very interested in viewing examples of your work. You have an advantage if your samples are of high quality. As a result, put your samples at the beginning of the proposal letter, perhaps directly after the introduction.

Be patient and flexible. 

Experiment with several styles to see what works best for you. For a freelancer, the first few months are difficult, and you can expect some disappointments. Continue to be patient and persistent until you see results and a higher hiring rate.

What mistakes should you avoid when writing your proposal on Upwork?

1. Rushing through "additional questions"

Getting through the "extra questions" in a hurry. These questions show underneath the cover letter when you submit a proposal. However, when a client reads your proposal, the cover letter comes first. As a result, the client's first opinion of you is based on your responses to these questions. However, many individuals skip through them, assuming they aren't as important as the cover letter.

2. Failure to submit relevant work samples

Sharing samples of your work is an excellent way to gain credibility. Make it easy for your customer to view your work by including an example in your application, and make sure to explain how it relates to the job you're applying for (don't just attach it).

3. Submitting too many work samples

Send the client one or two very relevant work samples that you hand-picked only for them. A client isn't interested in going through dozens of samples. Simply submit your best and most pertinent work.

4. Not having clients' testimonials to support your proposal on Upwork

I hope this will help you in some way, and if not, feel free to head towards the comments section and I will be there to help.